Our Vision

Siren is a 3-year programme of events, activities and workshops to be organised for, and latterly by young people aiming to help them to formulate their vision for the future of the coastal and marine environment and the communities it supports.

The initial focus is the coastline & inshore waters from Orfordness to Thorpeness with the potential to expand to cover the entire Suffolk coast in the future.

The themes to be addressed initially will include:

  • Our changing climate
  • Coastal erosion
  • The impacts of plastic pollution
  • Noise disturbance above and below the water

Siren aims to blend together arts and science events and activities with the aim of encouraging young people and their communities to become further involved with the issues. It will follow three stages:

Making Space for Siren - drop-in days where young people join with community groups to create art, craft, activities and festival content.

Siren Festival - an experiential festival about the coast with replica marine creatures, artwork, science, musicians, movies, performers and prose.

Siren Calling - workshops either actual or virtual or a combination of both, focussed on young people and their future on our coast, and covering self-confidence, public speaking, organising, film-making, music-making and more.

Following the initial Siren Festival in 2019 we will work with the young people to establish a mechanism for delivery of the key elements of their agreed vision through a strategy/action plan to be implemented in the subsequent years.

Future festivals will be organised by, or with the support of, young people to celebrate the successes of the strategy/action plan and to periodically review the vision to ensure it reflects current views.

Siren will integrate with existing initiatives wherever possible to avoid duplication and to maximise available resources. Every effort will be made to promote Siren, and link, with other young people’s environmental & community initiatives, both within the UK and elsewhere via social media.


In three years time local young people and families will have the ability to influence the most important issues arising from our sea and vulnerable coastline, issues such as the changing climate, coastal erosion and plastic pollution. Young people will be equipped with knowledge, confidence, skills, tools and inspiration acquired through their involvement in a programme of high quality events, activities & workshops organised through Siren.  


To involve and inspire young people, and increase their confidence in tackling the issues of greatest concern and to give them organisational, project management and communication skills that will enable them to present their concerns to decision makers.

To recognise the importance of this part of Suffolk, its community and environment and to specifically work with grassroots organisations and groups in/around Aldeburgh to promote community cohesion.

To provide entertaining summer events and workshops making use of digital, visual, experiential, interactive and kinaesthetic activities for the benefit of all ages and a range of abilities. To follow this up with working groups/think tanks of young people focussing on their key issues and planning for future events.

Aims & Objectives

  • To raise awareness of environmental issues amongst young people and engage them in thinking about their futures
  • To provide a platform for young people to voice their aspirations and concerns for the future of their local environment, i.e. the coast and inshore waters and their dependent communities
  • To support young people in formulating a vision for the coast and marine environment and  assisting them in presenting this to their communities and where necessary to local decision-makers