Plymouth Pirates Weekend 2018

With the Marine Biological Association and Plymouth University Marine Institute, we trained 12 early career ocean researchers and empowered them to deliver innovative public science outreach in Plymouth in 2018.

As part of our plymouth-pirates-funded ‘Future of Our Seas’ consortium - alongside key academic partners - we helped train researchers from Plymouth and Exeter in new ways of thinking about, and in particular in new ways of delivering, public engagement. This culminated with them taking part in the annual two-day Plymouth Pirates Weekend extravaganza, using our inflatable dome, where their outreach to locals and visitors was evaluated.

Topics covered included: eel migration; mussels; ocean acoustics; corals; climate change; and more.

Our partners in Future of Our Seas are: Scottish Association for Marine Science; Invisible Dust; Marine Biological Association; Plymouth University Marine Institute; JNCC; Kings College London; and Edinburgh University.