Incredible Oceans teachers TV

“My mission is to increase the level of #oceanliteracy in people of all ages.”

The ocean is a fantastic classroom containing the most exciting, mysterious and stimulating subject matter; our experience is that children are drawn to the ocean and are fascinated by its inhabitants. We also believe that as an island nation we have much to gain from future generations learning and focusing on that environment as it provides careers, food, well-being and leisure. Furthemore we believe the marine environment should be understood not merely exploited.

There is already a sea of great educational materials out there but where to begin? What materials work with our national curriculum? What video, quiz, experiment or creative activity best illustrate a topic? How does a teacher navigate the expanse of materials and feel confident to present to the classroom?

This is where Incredible Oceans TV for teachers comes in. Marine educators the world over have created imaginative, inspiring and robust teaching and rather than reinvent content we signpost good educational materials and how to use them to educators in a TV video format. We dream of signposting and providing “how-to” demonstrations so that every teacher can bring that mystery, excitement and stimulation into their own classroom.