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Russell Arnott 
Russell holds a combined-Masters in Oceanography from the University of Southampton, is currently a marine researcher at the University of Bath, and is a former physics teacher. Combining his enthusiasm for our ocean with up-to-date marine research, Russell’s presentations are informative, thought-provoking and unlike anything else we've seen . . . skilled and hugely entertaining. As an active educationalist, he is also on the Board of Directors for the European Marine Science Educators’ Association.

Annette Coppin 
Annette is that unusual thing: a marine scientist with a passion for the arts. She uses performance, storytelling, puppetry, painting and sculpture to communicate the wonders of our ocean. She creates vibrant artwork, leads hands-on workshops and delivers exciting presentations with a twist; be it a barnacle singing the praises of whales or a lobster lamenting plastic pollution, she brings robust science to life in a playful and engaging way.


Grace Walker
With a calm head and a process- and documentation-driven ethos, Grace has managed the logistics and teams for Incredible Oceans and WhaleFest events for many years, drawing upon her project management qualifications and experience working in a senior and team-managing role in the financial services world. She is responsible for the team who deliver our portfolio of events using 900+ volunteers and reaching audiences of over 15,000 people.

Gina Gow
As the leader of the team running presentation delivery and mentoring programmes, she draws upon her work with National Children’s Homes ‘Action for Children’ and her extensive experience in training delivery with PADI. She holds a BA Business Studies. Gina is also responsible for managing visuals, artistic installations and layout planning for pop-up events. She has designed and implemented public and community group arts installations - the most recent, ‘Whale Graveyard’ was seen by over 70,000 people.


Ian Rowlands
Ian is a former journalist with strong media experience, who has worked in conservation science for a variety of third-sector NGO environmental organisations. Team-leading, training, mentoring and coaching are his specialisms and he is an advocate for the use of social science in the cause of environmentalism and the natural world. He has many years experience as a wildlife and wilderness tour guide, is also a writer, environment and well-being advocate, and podcaster with Beneath the Stream. 

Abi Kidd 
With many years in the events industry and as a passionate conservationist and wildlife champion, Abigail's skills makes her a brilliant team member on our creative events and corporate work. A grassroots advocate and Ambassador for Paddle Clean Up, she is studying Animal Behaviour at Oxford University and training as a Trust Technique Practitioner, working with individuals and organisations for a healthier coexistence on earth.

Solaire James
Solaire has been filming and editing for 10 years, for both corporate and creative content. Her passion lies with the ocean, the beauty of it and the protection of it. Her skill with video helps spread the message of conservation and her love for our blue planet.

Sophia Bolton
Sophia is a Geography/Geology graduate passionate about ocean literacy, having spent the last five years working with organisations including the WCA, Edmaktub and Tumares Tarifa. Her academic interests focus on climate change during the Quaternary, deep sea sediments and tephra. As Vice President at Royal Holloway SU she led on climate justice lobbying both on campus and nationally. Currently working towards a level 5 qualification in social media marketing, when she’s not telling you to like, follow and subscribe she can often be found in the dance studio.

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