the science and art of communicating about life below water: training, education, festivals and events

Changing climate, plastics, pollution, acoustics, over-fishing: our ocean is well-studied and known to be under intense pressure, yet surveys show that many people are unaware of these topics and less that 1-in-5 children in the UK have visited the coast. We believe that if people better understand and feel passion for the ocean they will care more about solutions and ways they can take action.

That’s where Incredible Oceans fits in. Our expertise is in communication, community engagement and outreach to wide and diverse audiences. 

We are a not-for-profit company that matches the truth of science with the emotional power of culture and art to make knowing about our marine world vibrant, appealing and accessible. We draw on our heritage as an island nation with strong maritime links, whilst at the same time using the sciences of mind and brain to appeal to the values and motivators that influence people’s decision-making, causing positive behavioural changes.

~ Our proven expertise is in developing and implementing festivals and events, large and small where, funded by corporate sponsors, science institutions and agencies, we provide interactive, fun and robust environmental art and science for demographics not necessarily attracted to science or environment; ‘non-self-selecting audiences’.

~ Our skills are commissioned by scientific, advocacy and corporate organisations to help them better communicate critical environmental issues. 

~ Our team train and mentor organisations’ staff and individuals, to deliver effective communication and, with participants, artists, creative experts, community groups and organisations, we co-design and co-produce innovative outreach activities.

~ Our education work, funded by grant-giving bodies, reaches young people through educationalists, teachers and media; collaborating with partners to produce impactful and useful video content, schools visits and links to worldwide resources for the classroom. 

We are a collaborative platform working with other organisations to educate and communicate about the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 'Life Below Water', disseminating best practice activities and resources, and nurturing, supporting and training people to communicate about critical ocean issues. By bringing together people from varied backgrounds and cultures we can engage better about the issues with people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

the science and art of communicating about life below water . . . it has never been more important

We are Community Interest Company 8505068 and appreciate any support you can give to our work:


Education & Science
Annette Coppin
Russell Arnott 

Events & Festivals
Gina Gow
Grace Walker

Clare Osborn

Abi Kidd

Ian Rowlands

plus a huge team of volunteers (900+) and partners